"nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something." - Author unknown

Sherri S.
Enforcement Specialist

Lynn D.
Social Specialist

Clorissa B.
Fundraiser Specialist

Makesha M.
Financial Specialist

Charise M. Brown

founder / ceo

Our mission

Great Services Association is a non-profit organization that gives back to the less fortunate by lending a helping hand. We will seek help from the general public & local sponsors to help donate funds, products and/or services to our chosen community events. Events include, but not limited to, feeding the hungry families, donating collected goods, clothing and other items, social & networking gatherings, educational seminars and a host of other activities.

Growing up I would see so many individuals / families homeless or hungry living on the streets and I always wanted to provide, if not shelter, some food for the less fortunate. I have seen many people on the streets that I would donate money too  or buy a cup of coffee for which made me want to start my own organization and be able to give any kind of  help these people needed. Whether its providing a hot meal, a coat or toys.

Our founder

Great Services Association

"Great Services...Lending a Helping Hand."

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